I believe story, at its core, is able to build bridges across global gaps of distance, culture and socio-economic status.  By being connected to the stories of others, we are reminded that we all have a story, that we all share in the common threads of humanity no matter where we come from.

We tell stories because we understand that if we tell them correctly, even remotely accurately, you will begin to see inklings of your own story in the stories of others.  We believe that through story, the world begins to deeper understand who they are in the greater picture of what is going on around the globe.

In so many of the stories we've shot over the past decade, we've seen love being transacted and exchanged in ways only remotely fathomable prior to seeing it occur.  We've come to understand that anywhere love is exchanged or transacted that healing begins to take place.  On the furthest periphery of this transaction is story.  Even in the remote observation of others exchanging the commodity, we find bits of healing for ourselves because we begin to understand that those stories are our own.

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Bobby splits time between Nairobi, Kenya and Fayetteville, Arkansas.  When not working, he can be found fly fishing or scheming about some sort of great adventure.